About us.

Ewan Skinner LTD Plant Hire was established in 2014 and is based in Inverness; the capital of the Scottish Highlands.

We are a family run company providing plant with operator hire in both the commercial and private sector. We work with local companies of various trades, and have grown a healthy range of equipment providing groundwork's from small garden work to site clearance and farm work.

Specializing in Mini & Midi excavation equipment, we can carry out work in areas with restricted access.

Range of Equipment

Providing groundwork's from small garden work to site clearance and farm work.

For the more demanding work.

Suitable for Landscaping gardens, digging ponds and foundations and much more!

… And work with restricted access

Can pass through standard gates and doorways with ease.

Eco Digging Highland

Our new eco-friendly machine runs on bio-oil. One of the worst accidents for the environment that can happen is a oil spill, but by using bio-oil, this concern is greatly reduced.

 Be sure that when you come to us we are thinking about the environment and making sure our services are as eco-friendly as possible.

What we offer.

We offer various sizes of excavation equipment such as our 2 ton excavator which is purpose built for the more demanding work, for example; landscaping gardens, digging ponds and foundations. We also have a 3 ton compact excavator which is the largest earth moving machine of our fleet.

With a various range of buckets this machine can be used for a multitude of tasks-including foundation & trenching- to work around the farm and large sites.